Agumbe is a natural place located in Thirthahalli taluk, Shimoga district. Agumbe is also called as "Cherrapunji of the South" as it receives highest rainfall in the Western Ghats region. Agumbe is having Rainforest Research Station, which is only one Rainforest Research Station of India which is founded by herpetologist Romulus Whitaker. Agumbe is rich for its Biodiversity. Agumbe is also having different species of medicinal plants and this area has been made as protected area as to conserve these plants. Someswara Wildlife Sanctuary is near to Agumbe forests. Agumbe is having thick forest and it receives highest rainfall, which is the second highest annual rainfall in India.

Agumbe is having 14 hair pin bend which is of 7kms distance. Sunset Point is the wonderful attraction of Agumbe which is situated on the 14th hairpin bend. Variety of new species of fauna and flora are found in this region.King Cobras are found in the thick and moist forests of the Western Ghats of Agumbe. Agumbe establish the world’s first king cobra sanctuary.



Visitors can watch the sun settting over the Arabian Sea on a clear day. During the month of september to december the place will be covered by fog which is ultimate experience to feel the natures beauty.

Agumbe has many waterfalls such as Barkana Falls- formed by Seeta river, Onake Abbi Falls, Jogigundi falls,Koodlu theertha falls- 20 km apart from Agumbe and Kunchikal Falls.

Agumbe also has “Dhoni vihara” that means travelling in boat. It has a pond where you can enjoy boating. This place is before the sunset point and beside the road and near to the check point. Even one can walk inside the forest and go for trekking. From “Dhoni Vihara” one can go inside the thick forest where you can see 6m thick stem old tree which is majestically beautiful.

If you walk for another 2 km you will visit an amazing falls which is a must visit place.

This is a rare place where you can see different varieties of biodiversity which has different kinds of plants, animals, birds so on. Its better to wear shoes and pack your bag with food items and water bottle as inside the forest you won’t get any such items.


Distance from Shivamogga 93.2 km
Best mode of commute Private Vehicle/Public Transport
Nearby Railway Station Shivamogga
Nearby Bus Station Agumbe
Visiting Season November - May
Suits For Everyone
Nearby Town Agumbe

How to Reach?

Regular bus service is available from Thirthahalli. Shivamogga is the nearby railway hub which connects, from Shivamogga regular public transport facility is available to Thirthahalli and Agumbe. Also visitor can hire a private taxi from Thirthahalli or Shivamogga.

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