Kodachadri is a mountain peak with altitude of 1343 meters above sea level and it has dense forests lies in the Western Ghats located in Shimoga Dist. Government of Karnataka has declared Kodachadri as Natural Heritage Center.  

The Kodachadri name originated from the local word "Kodacha" or "Kodashi" means hill of Kutaja flowers and "Adri" is a Sanskrit word, both integrated together to form the word Kodachadri. Kodachadri is also called as "Kutajadri”; Kutaja is a Sanskrit word which means Jasmine of the hill. This hill has lot of Jasmine plants.  

Kodachadri is located in Hosanagara Taluk ,Shimoga district which is 15 km from Nagodi Village and 21km from Kollur . Kodachadri covered with thick forest and it comes under Western Ghats. Kodachdri hill contains iron ore in its soil and it has magnetic properties.  


Sarvajna peetha is a small temple dedicated to Adi Shankara who meditated for long years here. It is found at the peak of the mountain. Near to the travellers bungalow a small temple is there, which is a moola sthana (the origin) of Sri Mookambika Devi.  

Ganesha Guha is near to the Sarvajna peetha which has a small Ganesha lord and everyday pooja will be conducted here. 

Hidlumane Falls is around 10 km from Kodachadri Hill. Arasinagundi falls is 6km from Kollur.  

Sunset and sunrise: It is an amazing experience to see Sunset from the Kodachadri peak on a clear day. From this peak the Arabian Sea is clearly visible on a cloudless day. During this time you can see different shapes of sun like an inverted pot, a vessel, a hat, a ring etc Venkatarayana Durga is a place behind Tourist Bunglow where visitors can watch sunrise which is an exciting experience. During sunrise the mountain covered with clouds and it look like bowl of curd.  

Distance from Shivamogga 112 kms
Best mode of commute Private transport
Nearby Railway Station Shivamogga
Nearby Bus Station Kodachadri
Visiting Season Sept - April
Suits For Adults
Nearby Town Thirthalli

How to Reach?


Busses are available to Nagodi village, Hosanagara Taluk. From this place, to reach Kodachadri peak must go in a jeep as roads are rough and impossible to take own vehicles. Jeeps are available in Nagodi village. Jeep person will drop you at one location from there you can start your journey by trekking. While coming back the same jeep person will show other places of Kodachadri and then he drop you back to the Nagodi village. One wish to stay in the Kodachadri Mountain the Govt. of Karnataka had made facilities of tourist bungalows. To stay in this bungalows one need to take permission from Forest Department, Govt. of Karnataka. Even the simple food is available on request.


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Devangi Atithya Homestay Thirthahalli08181274135
Hotel Varadashree Sagara08183226158
Stay@Matthuga Talavata08183207581
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