Thirthahalli is a small town located in the Shimoga District. It is located in the dense forests of the Western Ghats. Thirthahalli lies on the bank of the river Tunga. Thirthahalli is 60 kilometres from Shimoga District. This is a Holy place for Hindus.

Legend says that the sage Parashurama chopped off his mother Renuka's head with an axe on the orders of his father, the great sage Jamadagni. Parashurama visited all the rivers and tried to wash the blood stains off the axe but a blood stain remained on his axe. Finally he dipped his axe in the Tunga River near Thirthahalli and the blood stain had washed. This holy place is called Parashurama Thirtha, Parashurama Konda or RamaThirtha. Hence this place is called Thirthahalli. Rama Mantapa is built near this Parashurama Thirtha. It believed that whoever dips in the Tunga River they can cure all sins.

Another history during the time of Ramayana, which happened near Mrugavadhe( means Killing of an animal) in Thirthahalli Taluk . To enchant Sita Maricha(a relative of the Lanka king Ravana) came as ,  a golden deer. Sita asked Rama to bring the deer, that time Rama had killed deer. 


Sri Rameshwara Temple:

Sri Rameshwara Temple is the base temple of Thirthahalli. Temple is made of stone, which is on the banks of the river Tunga. Parashurama Thirtha is also near to this temple. The temple has a Lingam which is established by Sage Parashurama himself. Yellu Amavasya will be celebrated every year in this place very grandly as this is the day when Parashurama cleansed his axe to remove the blood stain. This Yellu Amavasya will be celebrated for three days out of the five-day festival where Lord Sri Rameshwara Utsava Moorthi is taken to the river. The second day the chariot will be pulled by the devotees along the streets of Thirthahalli. Third day, Teppotsava (raft-festival) will be celebrated where the Sri Rameshwra Utsava Murthy is taken on a Teppa (raft) down the river Tunga. On this special occasion the temple will be decorated with lights and lot of crackers are litted.




Distance from Shivamogga 60 km
Best mode of commute Private Vehicle/Public Transport
Nearby Railway Station Anandapur
Nearby Bus Station Thirthahalli
Visiting Season Throughout the year
Suits For Everyone
Nearby Town Thirthahalli

How to Reach?

Regular buses ply from district place Shivamogga to Thirthahalli which is of 60 Km distance. One can reach Shivamogga by train or bus. Nearest railway station to Thirthahalli is Anandapur. Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport.


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