Uttara Kannada

Is one of the beautiful districts of Karnataka. This district has the most lavish and envied attractions on the earth which all could only wish for.

History of the district unfolds during the rule of Kadambas. From 350 to 520 A.D., Kadambas ruled Uttara Kannada from their then capital Banavasi. After the defeat of the Kadambas by the Chalukyas, the area went under successive rules of Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Hoysalas and Vijayanagar Empire. Ibn Battuta, one of the most famous travellers visited this district during the rules of Nawayats. This place was also ruled by Maratha Empire and Mysore kingdom who later surrendered it to British at the end of 4th Mysore war. Under the British Rule, this district was part of Madras Presidency initially; but later on transferred to Bombay Presidency. The district was added to Mysore state in 1956, which, consequently, was renamed as Karnataka state in 1972.

Western part of the Sahyadri ranges known as Western Ghats runs through the district from north to south. The mountain ranges of Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea make most of the district's scenic attractions. The magnificent waterfalls of the rivers Aghanashini, Bedti, Kali, Sharavathi, the wild life sanctuaries of Dandeli and the natural habitants of the district – tigers, elephants, leopards, birds with innumerable flora and fauna are all a must see for the tourists in Uttara Kannada.

The district not only attracts the tourists with its natural beauty but also with the religious places and unique cultural attractions. Gokarna, Murudeshwara are among the pilgrimage places also they offer pleasure for beach lovers.

Rivers: Sharavathi, Aghanashini, Kali, Varadha, Bedti

Arts:Yakhagana, Suggi, Karnataka Sangeeta, Hindustani Music, Bharatanatyam


uttarakannada district map



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