Anshi National Park

Anshi National Park and Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, together identified as Project tiger save, being pronounced as “Anshi Dandeli Tiger Reserve” in January, 2007. The 340 sq KM, Anshi Park appends the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Together with the six adjoining forest reserved ranges in the states of Goa and Maharashtra, the park forms just about uninterrupted woodland zone of over 2,200 sq. KM. The timberland in the range proclaimed as the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary on 10 May 1956. The state proposed cutting out a segment of the haven to shape the Anshi national park, and the proposal was executed on 2 September 1987. At the starting, proposal of 250 square kilometres area was considered. Later, when the last notice of the recreation centre was issued in 2002, it was extended by an additional 90 square kilometres.

The recreation centre houses numerous hydroelectric dams and atomic power stations.


The dull panther, elephants and tigers live in the entertainment centre, sometimes seen in open. Other boundless warm blooded creatures, here, are Indian Bison, gaur, Sloth bear, Indian wild boar, bonnet Macaque, Northern area is home of langur, Grey pitiful lories etc.


Distance from Karwar 48 km
Best mode of commute Private/Public transport
Nearby Railway Station Karwar
Nearby Bus Station Dandeli/Karwar
Visiting Season Oct - May
Suits For Everyone
Nearby Town Dandeli/Karwar

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