Attiveri Bird Sanctuary

Attiveri Bird Sanctuary is in Attiveri village, in the Mundgod taluk of Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka. It is 15 KM from away from Mundgod and 43 KM from Hubli-Dharwad. In all 79 types of winged creatures, including transitory winged creatures from more than 22 nations. Around 50 species are migratory oceanic flying and arboreal and others could be witnessed here.

Attiveri Bird Sanctuary is perfect stop-over for fledgling watchers. Different Coloured transitory and nearby fowls of diverse verities of species make this place a visual enjoyment. Strolling, viewing around along the Bund, one can recognize a percentage of the diverse varieties of flying creatures.

Spread over an area of in the ballpark of 2.23 sq. KM, the shelter runs across in and around the Attiveri water supply. The part of the haven incorporating the store has riverine and deciduous woodlands. Fledglings like Cattle Egret, Indian and Little Cormorants, Kingfishers of White-throated, Black-headed Ibis, Eurasian Spoonbill, Pied, Indian Grey Hornbill and Barn Swallow and so on are seen here. The farming fields encompassing the haven lure a mixed bag of sea-going birds.

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The agrarian and green grass fields spread around the haven lure an alternate mixed bag of amphibian animals. The part of the asylum secured by the stream store has deciduous green backwoods. This haven is the shelter for all types of winged creatures and one can get a flash of all diverse sorts of birds of flight and hear the winged animals' musical cries, peeping, hiding. Flying around Breeding or bird mates watchers may as well verify that they pack binoculars so they don't pass up a major opportunity any diverse part of the avian species.

The going by timings for the Attiveri Bird Sanctuary are between 6:00 am to 6:00pm. Best opportunity to visit the haven is between November and March.

Distance from Karwar km
Best mode of commute Private/Public transport
Nearby Railway Station Karwar
Nearby Bus Station Mundgod
Visiting Season Nov - Mar
Suits For Everyone
Nearby Town Mundgod

How to Reach?


This location is present in Mungod to Sirsi road. Regular busses ply from Mundgod to Sirsi and one can avail this punlic transport.


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