Banavasi is an old town in the Karnataka state and is developed around the range of Madhukeshwara Temple of the ninth century and is committed to Lord Shiva the incomparable God in Shaivism (A primary extension of Hinduism).Banavasi once called as Konkanapura, is an old sanctuary town in Uttara Kannada District, bordering Shivamogga district, in the state of Karnataka.

In 2006, a fifth-century copper coin was unearthed here with an engraving in the Kannada script, one of the most ancient coins ever unearthed. The Directorate of Archaeology and Museums said that the inscription on the coin is in antiquated Kannada (Halagannada), illustrates that Banavasi had a mint in the fifth century.Adikavi Pampa, the first poet of Kannada, started composing his Mahabhaarata sagas in Banavasi.The town once was the Capital of the Kadamba rulers, former regal dynasty of Karnataka. They conquered and controlled south India for no less than two centuries.


The yearly December social celebration, "Kadambothsava", is an enormous get-together observed by the nearby communities and the Karnataka state government. This festival draws artists from all walks of the society, drama troupes, established performers, numerous aesthetic displayers, along with entertainers, craftsmen, and creative artists from all of south India. Banavasi has been a social focus from several year back, particularly the Yakshagana artists’ .Today the neighbourhood Yakshagana artists and skilled craftsmen of Yakshagana art converge here and display their art. The soil of Banavasi is rich, as such, around Banavasi; they grow rice, sugarcane, arecanut, spices and pineapple. etc.

The river Varada, meandering through this area and drenching blesses it with full of forests and agriculture land. The closest rail track station is 70 KM away, Haveri in the east. And & also Talaguppa in the south. Sirsi, is the closest city around the range of 23 KM, Lodging is furnished by some home stays and a visitor complex in Banavasi.

Distance from Karwar km
Best mode of commute Private/Public transport
Nearby Railway Station Haveri(70 Km)
Nearby Bus Station  
Visiting Season Jun - Jan
Suits For Everyone
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Kamath HotelKumta08386 228574
Panduranga InternationalKumta08386 223059
Poornima rail HotelKumta08386 223059
Kamath HotelHonnavar08387 222030
Shivani HotelSirsi08384 237017
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