Idagunji is one of the pilgrimage centre and also a religious place for Hindus. The place is located in a village about 5 KMs away to the east of the national highway. After Manki-Mavinakatte from Bhatkal side and Gunavanthe from Honnavar side one can reach this temple directly.Another waterway route could also be a funny trip to Idagunji. From Honnavar to Gerusoppa (Bottom of the famous Jog Falls), regular Motor launch service is there. One could a light the launch near Idagunji and walk to the temple through lush green coconut and areca farms.

The temple is originally old one but is being renovated every year. The statue is made of Black stone. The idol has two hands holding Modaka and a Kamala flower. The legs are short and there is a depression on the head (Ref. The story of Ravana and Atmalinga).


Petty shops around have sell seashells, beaded necklaces, fancy toys, and a sort of herbal hat and sandals made of fragrant grass roots (Lavancha), photos idols of Gods and Goddesses, Lockets, Bangles, pooja materials and so on. Local petty hotels and cold drink houses serve the tourists and visitors. Some of the religious activities and rituals like Brahmopadesham, marriage; Ganahavana etc. are performed in the Kshetra.

At Idagunji the Ganeshamasks fulfilled out of lavancha (vetiver in English) make exceptional trinkets. Crude lavancha is additionally accessible in sufficiently. Pay special mind to Ganesha covers tops and different things that are made our of lavancha. It has an average smell when trickling in water and has medicinal lands.

Idagunji is placed in the ballpark of 14 kms south east of Honnavar taluk of karwar District of Karnataka State India. Idagunji has additionally got a display which helps religious services and relational unions in this sacred lodging. Idagunji has additionally consumed.

Distance from Karwar km
Best mode of commute Private/Public transport
Nearby Railway Station Honnavar/Murudeshwara
Nearby Bus Station Honnavar/Bhatkal
Visiting Season Jun - Jan
Suits For Everyone
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How to Reach?


Plenty of busses are available from Honnavar


Kamath HotelKumta08386 228574
Panduranga InternationalKumta08386 223059
Poornima rail HotelKumta08386 223059
Kamath HotelHonnavar08387 222030
Shivani HotelSirsi08384 237017
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