Om Beach

This is at the south of Gokarna city, separated by a hillock. A special mention has to be done for this place for its long association of Foreigners.

This is a beach wherein one could see the glimpses of foreign (Hippies?) tourists, some of whom have managed to stay as local residents since many years.


Local people try to attract the touring foreigners as well as resident foreigners by providing some shelters, like huts/Temporary houses, and helping them in getting food articles, charging minimum compared to other places. .This area is just beside the Gokarna village on the beach separated only by hill, easily accessible from Gokarna. Somehow this has been found to be favourite destination of foreign tourists of particular type of visitors. Some of whom are well learned and even philosophers, interested in knowing ,studying Sanskrit Vedic literature and Hindu culture. But the local priests have different stories to tell about them. Some of the local people even associate themselves; but they are totally not so acceptable to devotees and priests.

One could see such persons (Hippies?) wandering, purchasing, throughout the markets and around the temples, also on beaches. Since many years these are visiting Gokarna, from various countries like Germany, Netherlands, England, the USA, East European countries etc. It seems to be their choicest place, after Goa.

Distance from Karwar km
Best mode of commute Private/Public transport
Nearby Railway Station Gokarna
Nearby Bus Station Gokarna
Visiting Season Nov - May
Suits For Everyone
Nearby Town Kumta/Ankola

How to Reach?


Regular busses ply from Kumta


Kamath HotelKumta08386 228574
Panduranga InternationalKumta08386 223059
Poornima rail HotelKumta08386 223059
Kamath HotelHonnavar08387 222030
Shivani HotelSirsi08384 237017
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