Sathoddi Falls

Sathodi Falls is formed by several streams near Kallaramarane Hill, Karwar District, and 32 KM away from Yellapur. It is about 15 metres Height. The stream then flows into the backwaters of the Kodasalli Dam, into the Kali River Karwar District.

This is similar to Magod Falls. To reach this falls travel about 5 KMs away from Yellapur on Yellapur Hubli road a turn to left (Search for proper place to reach Satoddi), ( The track gently descended in the direction of the stream serving the lake. before the end point some lookout tower are there along the stream. There, along the stretch of track there are canals on either side of the walkway while p proceeding some 25 KM to the nearest possible stop. The road at the end may not be suitable for all cars as it is muddy and slippery in the rain.


A picnic spot is near the falls, but doesn’t give the complete view. If someone could venture to go beyond the slippery, flossy rocks very cautiously, could get a full view of the falls. While on the road to the falls, there are a few bifurcations leading to villages as pass through

It is better to visit this place in the early November to the end of march. Avoid the raining time.Sathodi Falls and Magod Falls are close by. Good to plan to visit them in the same trip.

Distance from Karwar km
Best mode of commute Private/Public transport
Nearby Railway Station Ankola
Nearby Bus Station Yallapur
Visiting Season Oct - May
Suits For Everyone
Nearby Town Yallapur

How to Reach?


Yallapur is a taluk head quaters and has got good connectivity both from Hubli & Karwar. Regular bus facility is available, however it's recommended to use private vechicle. It's just 32 Kms away from Yallapur


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